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Located south of the famous Siesta Key, Casey Key has gained its own reputation as a “hidden gem” of a beach. Casey Key is home to a sizeable conservation district. The land that is not off-limits for construction is occupied predominantly by houses rather than high-rise hotels. The result is an island with a unique serene atmosphere.

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Casey Key homes for sale.

Visitors and residents alike can enjoy the cool white sands of Casey Key. For visitors, there are two public beaches: Nokomis Beach at Casey Key’s southern entrance and North Jetty Beach on the southern end of Casey Key. For many residents and other property owners, going to the beach is as simple as walking into their backyard. Those looking for a change of pace from the calm of Casey Key can make a short drive north and enjoy everything downtown Sarasota has to offer.

Casey Key has a diverse selection of high-end properties both on the beach and on the bay. Single buyers and large families alike can find properties that fit their spatial needs because homes in the area can have as many as six bedrooms. The homes also cover a variety of architectural styles, ranging from elegant traditional estates to distinctive modern homes. Alternatively, buyers can choose a vacant lot to create their dream beachfront home.

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